How much the body changes...

If you’ve had a baby, you know how much pregnancy can change your body.

Usually, after the birth of a baby, you have some weight to lose, but instead of losing, you keep gaining… and you’re not even pregnant anymore. You are in love with your baby, but stressed, sleepless and gaining weight…

There are some biological reasons why the postpartum and pregnant body might want to keep onto their calories, but all of those evolved when we were hunter gatherers and our children’s lives depended on our breast milk.

Nowadays we just need to a drive to the grocery store and we have plenty of high-calorie options to gather up and feed ourselves.

So now comes the question:

Why bother? Really… You've got your baby, maybe you're kinda stressed, but kinda happy as well. Fifteen or 25 pounds here or there, what does that matter to you?

Well, to be short and simple: weight gain during pregnancy and continuing to gain more pounds after the pregnancy doesn’t feel quit good. It’s not good for your self-esteem, gaining 10 to 30 pounds per pregnancy have increased risks of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes when they get older. Not to mention that there is an increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes with the next pregnancy. That's bad for you and it’s bad for the baby.

And let’s face it…

Carrying extra fat is hard. It weighs you down, makes everyday tasks challenging, and affects your confidence. Losing fat can be even harder! If you’ve ever tried losing fat, getting in shape, or simply leading a healthier lifestyle, you know how hard it can be to see results.

No matter how much you starve yourself, no matter how many hours you sweat at the gym, there are always stubborn areas that simply do not respond to dieting and exercise.

While it’s possible to lose the “baby weight” through diet and exercise, lifestyle changes can’t tighten loose skin, so that’s where Dr. D can help.

Dr. D is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. She joined Turlock OBGYN in 2008 and has been providing general obstetrics & gynecology services for her patients ever since.

In fact, Dr. Dehkordi has helped many people just like you feel confident, secure, and just plain ecstatic with their bodies. Many of whom didn't think anything would help...

Every treatment she recommends it’s completely personalized as this it not a “one size its all” approach.

Patients of Dr. D frequently asked for help to get their bodies back from their pregnancy so Dr. D completed specialized training in the areas of liposuction, tummy tucks, and fat transfer to offer her patients solutions to their post-baby body concerns.

Let her help you get your pre-baby body back!

For a limited time only we are offering a Free Consultation ($100 Value) to determine if any of this treatments can help you and if you are a good fit! Dr. D will take the time to personally answer all of your questions and concerns. She will give you a careful, personalized diagnosis of your unique skin characteristics and an honest, realistic assessment of your body sculpting goals.

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