Tummy Tuck Recovery Time

Abdominoplasty, popularly known as Tummy Tuck is a surgical operation for reshaping a disfigured lower stomach. This problem generally occurs after pregnancy in women and after a gastric bypass surgery in men. The procedure is similar to other surgeries and the recovery time depends upon the complexity of the operation in accordance with a particular case.

Patients are likely to feel some pain in the swollen operated area in the first couple of weeks, this will obviously be controlled by your after surgery prescriptions but there are things the patient can take care of to ensure a speedy tummy tuck recovery.

The tummy tuck recovery period generally lasts for a few weeks unless you are overweight and smoke. Mainly the central part takes longer time. For a faster tummy tuck recovery period you must make sure you don’t stretch or strain the abs as this triggers fluid accumulation thereby delaying the tummy tuck recovery. Tummy tuck recovery can be divided into three stages:

1. In the first stage of the tummy tuck recovery stage is the post-operation care for which you have to remain in the hospital. The period may vary from a few hours to three-four days depending upon the complexity of the operation.

2. The second stage starts when you reach home. Patients are prescribed bed rest for a certain period.

3. The last stage starts with maintenance of your new abs, your surgeons will most certainly give you an exercise and dietary schedule which will control optimize the tummy tuck recovery phase, it involves mild exercises and reduces swelling, prevents blood clots and tones the muscles.

In case there is infection around the operation site and experience severe pain call your surgeon or doctor immediately. Some patients may also experience difficulty in breathing, if there is any breathing difficulty, consult your doctor immediately.

Tummy tuck recovery time depends a lot on your own fitness. If you have strong abs then you may recover in about two weeks but for others it may take a little longer. After the surgery the patient may have to wait for six months for the swelling and scar tissues to disappear.

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